Remind Button for Product Launches
Increase your launch day turnout Price per reminder
Visitors who arrive at your site before your
product launches are not able to make a purchase.

The Cronote Remind Button helps visitors
remember your product when it becomes available.

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SMS $0.05
How it works
Users visit
your site.
They like your
They buy it.
Sometimes they
aren't ready to buy, or the product isn't available yet.
They use the Cronote Remind
Button to remember your
product at a later time.
Where it works
New and upcoming product pages
Existing product landing pages
Your businesses' homepage
Sales event pages
Why it works
Visitors want to be reminded, but they don't want to sign up for mailing-lists
Early visitors return to your site when the product is available for purchase
SMS text messages are read more often than other types of advertising media
Cronote allows businesses to see how many reminders will be sent in the future.
This provides unique insight into the potential sales of an upcoming product.
FAQ Contact us
Q. How is your service different/better than your competitors?
A. While there are other email-reminder widgets, we are the only service to offer SMS text message reminders through a website button.

Q. Do reminders contain 3rd party advertisements?
A. Absolutely not. Reminders contain the prefix "Cronote reminder: " followed by your message.

Q. Is there a monthly/yearly fee associated with this service?
A. No, we sell Cronotes in packs of 20 ($1), 100 ($5) and 200 ($10). Large-volume orders may be arranged upon request.

Q. How many reminders does your system support?
A. We are capable of sending several thousand reminders per minute, and we are built on a scalable infrastructure that is amenable to growth.

Q. Can I customize the Remind Button?
A. Yes, while we offer six styles of the Remind Button, we realize that certain sites would like to design their own buttons.

Q. How can I monitor my button's usage?
A. We provide online tools to view the number of reminders scheduled per button.

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