Businesses Unmatched appointment reminders

Automatically send multiple personalized
reminders for every appointment.

Designed for business

Personalized message templates

Create templates for your business. Templates are easy to make and can be reused with a single click. Templates support variables such as $FIRST and $DATE, that automatically insert the recipient's first name and appointment date into the reminder.

Appointment-based scheduling

Schedule reminders relative to an appointment time. Send a reminder 1 day before an appointment and send another 30 minutes before. Store time offsets that work for your business.

Import existing contacts

Import contacts using a CSV file or directly from your Google account. Our CSV format is simple:
first, last, phone, email


We use encrypted hard drives and dedicated instances. All communication occurs over secure HTTPS. Reminders are sent via SSL connections to our email server and text message provider.

Efficiency Matters
Schedule reminders in under 8 seconds.

We've spent the past five years looking at how businesses use Cronote. Our redesigned dashboard features three panes: recipients, message and time. The recipients pane allows you to select individual or group recipients for each reminder. The message pane allows you to pre-populate the reminder message with a single click. Finally, the time pane allows you to schedule multiple reminders with just a few clicks.

Template variables and recurrence

Write it once, use it again and again.

Cronote allows you to save a reminder as a template. You could write:

We have an appointment on
$DATE at $TIME, that's just
$OFFSET from now.


Auto-fill template variables.

Terms with a dollar sign are replaced with their correct values when the reminder goes out. In the example to the left, $FIRST would be replaced with the recipient's first name, and $DATE and $TIME with the appointment date and time, respectively.

The $OFFSET variable adds a personal touch - it displays the time until the appointment, such as 1 week, 2 days, or 30 minutes.

Variables and recurrence

You can schedule multiple reminders for every appointment. Combined with the $OFFSET variable, this creates a powerful psychological tool to motivate your clients. Repeated reminders act as a count down to the appointment as the recipient anticipates the upcoming meeting.